Sport in Buenos Aires
Argentina, the country where sport is lived with intensity and passion

Sport in Buenos Aires

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Argentine sport is lived with passion

Buenos Aires: A sports paradise where passion is unleashed

It is well known that Argentina is known worldwide for its passion for soccer. Argentines live the games intensely and possibly sharing this experience with them is one of the best ways to get to know them.

They say that attending a game between the two most popular soccer clubs in Argentina (Boca Juniors and River Plate, both from Buenos Aires) is one of the most intense sporting experiences in the world and a spectacle in itself.

The Campo Argentino de Polo known as "La Catedral", the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo and numerous museums also speak of the importance of sport in the city of Buenos Aires.

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La Bombonera football stadium Buenos Aires

Boca Juniors Stadium, La Bombonera

Boca Juniors is the club in the neighborhood of La Boca and its field, "La Bombonera", was inaugurated in 1940 and declared a national and municipal sports interest of the city of Buenos Aires.

Its important inclination, the acoustics and the short distance between fans and the game, make it a close, exciting and passionate field.

It is also known as “El Templo”.

The monumental River Plate Buenos Aires football stadium

River Plate State, Monumental Stadium

El Monumental” is the name by which the Club River Plate stadium is known. It has a large capacity and is considered one of the most important in South America.

Its last remodeling was in 1978 when Buenos Aires hosted the World Soccer Championship and in which Argentina was proclaimed the winner in the same Monumental Stadium.